Trusted Internet Service Provider
Doly IT Corner is a Internet service provider. We are mainly located in Mohammadpur, but currently we are spreading our network around other areas too! We are operating for almost 20 years and we have a good reputation for our extraordinary service. We have expert technician who are just one call away to fix your connection. Doly IT Corner is registered in BTRC and we have our own BDIX server.


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Internet Service
We help our clients build, connect, operate and maintain their office network. We ensure the best quality services.
IP Telephony
Our IP Telephony services offers Attractive Minute Rates and Additional Savings with Flexibility and Scalability.
CCTV Camera Solution
We are highly experienced in design, engineering and maintenance of security automation.
Access Control System
We are highly experienced in design, engineering, assembly and maintenance of security automation

Here are the list of some of our clients